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Care of the Surrogate Lady Post Pregnancy Confirmation
The pregnancy test (b-hCG) is done 14 days after embryo transfer .  Once the test is positive, it is repeated every 4th day till it crosses 20,000 iu. The first scan is done about 5 weeks after transfer. During this time the surrogate lady continues to receive Folic Acid, Vitamins, food supplements if required and hormonal support.

A very important sonography is done at 11 weeks of gestation to look for any markers for any fetal abnormality including a nuchal fold scan. We do a double marker screening in the I trimester . She then undergoes a series of antenatal blood tests like –
  • Hb
  • CBC
  • VDRL
  • HIV / Hepatitis B & C
  • Blood Sugar Fasting & 2 Hours Post Lunch
  • Urine examination.
At 17 weeks a triple screen (for Down’s syndrome and neurological abnormalities) is carried out and a level III sonography is done. This is a detailed sonography to visualize all the organs of your baby in great detail.
During this period the surrogate lady continues to have routine checkups by our team. Also a co-coordinator visits the surrogate lady’s household to confirm her state of hygiene and compliance with medicines. She is provided with supplements of Iron and Calcium once the 12th week of pregnancy begins and also given a quota of fruits and protein weekly. Once the lady crosses 20 weeks she is seen every 2 weeks and a repeat sonography is done at 24 weeks, 28 weeks and 32 weeks. At 34 weeks, a detailed color Doppler and Biophysical Profile is done by sonography.

A close watch is kept on the pregnancy with weekly visits to the clinic after the 34th week. Most surrogate ladies deliver vaginally but a Caesarean Section may be planned in case of any obstetric indication. The delivery is carried out by the Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from our team. If you desire, you can provide separate housing for the surrogate lady.

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