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How Surrogacy Works
  • As Intended parents, you begin by sending us your queries through email. An initial phone call can initiate the process. You can visit the clinic.
  • Our fertility physicians will reply to your query, review the reports and history to confirm your eligibility.
  • Counseling for intended parents will be done for different programs as (Self eggs  with IVF/ ICSI-Surrogacy/Donor with IVF/ICSI-Surrogacy) and/or treatment options like Frozen embryo transfer / Assisted hatching / Blastocyst culture/Cumulus Aided Transfer (CAT) with surrogacy)
  • Once you make the decision to proceed, a detailed legal agreement with the costing sheet is signed between us and yourselves; the Surrogate Lady and yourself.
  • Mean while the profiles of the surrogate mothers and the egg donors (If applicable) will be sent to you in order to perform a match.
  • Once the arrival dates are decided we will synchronize your or your egg donor's cycle with that of the surrogate mother. When we work with frozen eggs or embryos the process is further simplified. If synchronization cannot done, we will freeze the eggs/embryos/sperm and transfer when the Surrogate Lady is ready.
  • The Gestational surrogacy agreement is signed between the Intended parents and the surrogate mother before the embryo transfer
  • After the IVF procedure the resulting embryos will be transferred to the surrogate mother.
  • After 14 days of embryo transfer the B-hCG test will be performed to confirm the presence of a pregnancy. The report of the same will be sent to you by email or will be handed over to you.

Department of Assisted Reproduction (IVF) and Genetics
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