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Recruiting the surrogate
We enlist a group of potential surrogate mothers every month. Selection is based on medical, physical fitness and psychological temperament. The potential surrogate mother has to be emotionally stable, responsible, in good health, a non-smoker, have had at least one successful pregnancy and be capable of carrying a child to full term. Once you contact us as potential intended parents, we will endeavour to find you an appropriate match. This is as per the ICMR norms.

Our Criteria for selecting the surrogate mother:

We continuously update our data base with women who fulfill the following criteria

  • Age between 21-35 years.
  • Married with previous full term delivery of healthy babies.
  • An uneventful medical, personal and family history.
  • Negative for infectious diseases like sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis B & C,  
  • HIV, and VDRL.
  • Normal haemoglobin electrophoresis screening.
  • Normal basic blood and urine investigations and a normal pelvic sonography.
  • Absence of congenital anomalies.

Department of Assisted Reproduction (IVF) and Genetics
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