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Who needs Surrogacy?
Surrogacy is usually chosen when a woman can't carry a child to term for various reasons. Women who cannot sustain a healthy pregnancy can still have genetically related children using a surrogate lady.

When a woman is unable to carry a child, whether due to medical, genetic or immunological reasons, the couple or single individual may choose to take help from a surrogate mother who can carry the baby.

Indications for Surrogacy

  • Women who have difficulties sustaining a pregnancy
  • Abnormalities in the shape and size of the uterus, like large uterine fibroids,  adenomyosis
  • Damaged lining of the womb – Asherman’s Syndrome, Genital tuberculosis
  • Recurrent miscarriages in spite of advanced treatment
  • Repeated failure of IVF treatment in spite of creation of good quality   embryos
  • Women who have had a hysterectomy
  • Women born without a womb (Rokitansky Syndrome)
  • Rh iso-immunization, severe diabetes mellitus, hypertension, lupus, blood clotting disorders
  • Single individual with Indian nationality

Department of Assisted Reproduction (IVF) and Genetics
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